Spyder Gravity Feeders


gravity feeder

"Thank you for saving us so much work. Wow!!! What a difference a year can make. In previous years Woodpatch Hill Hunt Club has bought expensive batteries, hooked up wires, set timers, and inspected them routinely to make certain that everything was still working to keep our spin feeders up and running. With 11 stands that need attention on 500 acres, we spent a lot of time and energy maintaining each location."  

"Now that we have your feeders installed, we are only required to fill the feeders with shell corn and let the gravity do all of the dispensing. With a season of over 4 months we now only have to check them monthly to refill with shelled corn and have no need to replace and rewire batteries."

"The expense, and more importantly for us, the time that we have saved has been significant. JKL Outdoors has our wholehearted endorsement and recommendation. We could not be more thankful and pleased with the product."

Franklin and Foster Smith, Owners and Managers of Woodpatch Hill Hunt Club, Summerville, SC