Spyder Gravity Feeders


gravity deer feeder

The excerpt below is from an article written in the Anniston Star from our first trade show in Birmingham, Alabama

"Hunters and game managers will appreciate the new Spyder Gravity Feeder. The Spyder has three legs made from plastic that taper downward from a central port. The feeder can be mounted to almost any type of container. From buckets to barrels or even poly-molded style tool boxes.  The tube ends of the feeder offer an enlarged cut-away tube with a spring loaded door. The door is hard plastic but the spring is made from stainless steel.  “Deer and other game quickly learn to activate the door to obtain feed,” said John Bosco, a rep with JKL Outdoors, manufacturer of the Spyder Feeder. “With the gravity feeder there are no batteries or timers to program and no wasted feed.”